Could part of the obesity epidemic be due to a lack of protein? 

That is one hypothesis that is gaining momentum and has some research to back it up, known as “protein leverage”

The basic premise is your body needs amino acids from protein to run your systems. 

If you do not get enough from the food you are eating, then you will remain hungry, as your brain demands more food to get the amino acids required. 

The byproduct of that is the intake of more energy/calories than you need via carbohydrate and fat. 

Excess calories taken in have to be stored for later as fat. 

This is well established in the research where they do controlled studies.

 Going from 10% to 25% protein content of a meal = less hunger.

Plus less carbohydrate intake and thus less overall calorie intake. 

Thus, as I said last time, protein is the goldilocks nutrient, not too much, not too little, just right. 

The fat and carbs can vary on the patient and level of activity, both of these you have room for maneuver. 

If you get the protein right, the rest is relatively easy. 

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