Firstly happy new year to all of you, make 2021 a triumphant year for you and your family, regardless of the world around you.

It certainly has been a strange and often disorientating year and who knows where we will be in another 12 months?

I have emailed to my MP on four occasions and only had one reply, a disappointing haul.

As I pointed out in the email that finally got him to respond, it is hard to argue with someone when they are simply quoting scientific data that contradicts your opinion.





Over the summer/autumn we enrolled more students onto the Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition (it could be Osteopathic or Physiotherapy, it is just a name), all committed to results over theory. 


We are now nearly 50 and they are starting to see the changes you can make with metabolic care combined with quality neuromechanical intervention.

They have swallowed the red pill and now see the truth.


Metabolic and nutritional issues are everywhere and stopping our care working significantly and sustainably. 

We are creating the evolution of Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy. 

Can you really ignore the scientific data that we have massive rates of deficiencies in many areas of nutrition that can affect our neuromechcanial system?

87% of the population are either deficient (under 50 nmol/L) or insufficient (50-75 nmol/L) in vitamin D at this time of year.


That one deficiency could be a key part of their chronic pain/fibromyalgia or depression.



Let’s be honest….


Their goal was a “hole in one”, a patient visit average (PVA) of 1…..good luck with that these days.


Modern lifestyles have created metabolic dysfunction never before seen, we are more ill than ever before.


Can you really say you served your patients fully and honestly if you are wilfully ignorant of basic data on the metabolic system than so affects the neuromechanical system?


In the new year we will open it up again and welcome in a batch of fresh faced, bushy tailed practitioners ready to become the practitioner people know get results.

Looking back over the year I dished out some tasty nutritional and clinical nuggets, some of you joined part way through the year, so below are some my best bits:

Jan 2020 (when the world still made sense)

Mercury both the fishy forms and dental – we talk testing and treatment

Why growing pains is often vitamin D deficiency un-diagnosed 16 minute video


Why we must always look for results, not theory and why you should be wary of non-practicing researchers dispensing advice on how to practice.


Why the idea of evidenced based medicine is good but the name has been hijacked by the pharmaceutical industry and extremists. Even the developer of EBM David Sackett knew it and mocked it openly in a BMJ article.

There is so much more but you can view them all here at your leisure

My personal highlight of 2020 was Floyd giving himself a haircut…….


Turned out OK in the end and it’s growing back……


Iris spent lockdown studying and learnt that good habits with deliberate practice usually get you what you want in life and she absolutely smashed the grammar school exam.

What a glorious human being.


We also added a new member to the family with London street raised Caesar. He is blatantly the most alpha male in the family and will cross the street to attack innocent unsuspecting dogs. He is calming down now and just loves a cuddle up with his Mummy (I am struggling to get a look in).


In quarter 1 2021 (hopefully January) I will have an announcement that will change the game of neuromechanical intervention. It is something I have been planning for over a decade and have been working on and developing in last 4 months.

I cannot say any more than that right now but trust me, you will love it.