Quick update on seminars.

We now have a date for a seminar approximately 15 miles from Sheffield on Saturday, March 16th. This will be 4 hours with me and then another 3-4 hours with a selection of other speakers picked by our host. Full details are coming soon !

Plus, we should have a location and date in March for a seminar on the Isle of White.

In the meantime, come say hi in Southampton or Cardiff.

Southampton Sat 20th Jan 9-1 PM
St James Chiropractic Clinic, Old thatched House, 219 Romsey Road, Shirely, Southampton, S016 4DT

Tickets are available here:

Or Cardiff Friday Jan 26th 2-6PM
The Health and Wellness Hub (behind Whitchurch Chiropractic Clinic) 172 Merthyr Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 1DL
Please contact Michelle Thomas for Cardiff event

All tickets are £95, and come with a free pouch of vitamin D and infographics.


A common question that comes up from practitioners wanting to start using supplements and nutrition in practice is “how long does it take to work”?.

This is a simple, yet complex question to answer!!

Something we must consider is, what are we trying to improve and which nutrients?

If we are talking energy, then because the Krebs cycle etc, is always working, and we are eating providing fuel, if we add in the right B vitamins as found in the One a day Essential Multi, which are high doses like you would find in a B complex on its own.

Or Carnitine (for fat burning) and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) as found in Meta Boost – See below, every red circled nutrient is either a B vitamin or ALA.

You cannot burn fat without CARNITINE shuttling it into the mitochondria.


Then, provided there is nothing big we have missed (like a statin medication blocking Co Q 10 production) then the answer is within a few days, 1 week max.

Not that they will be 100% but they will FEEL better.

All we are looking for is a green light to continue.

We want to move the needle.

For many years, I recommended and used poor quality supplements, that had relatively low dose and poor forms, with the idea they were good for my patients and me.

But very rarely did they ever actually feel better, and it very rarely changed the outcome of my care.

When you get the right doses in the right forms and right combination, they will feel the difference.


Remember, dysfunctional mitochondria are the number one source of free radicals in the body.

Free radicals in excess, especially in the presence of inadequate anti-oxidants, means oxidative DAMAGE.

Damage to your connective tissues, which must be healed and that means fibrosis, which is stiffness.

It is a perpetual process, and you are damaging yourself more quickly than you can heal.


Plus, it also destabilises your nervous system, and you get peripheral and central nervous system HYPER-SENSTIVITY, which means a lowered pain threshold.

Note that B vitamins and ALA are water soluble, they are in quickly, and we can use relatively high doses with no issues.

But minerals, on the other hand, take a little longer to get in as we cannot super dose, they just won’t go in.

In fact, they come out….. fast.

If you ever have constipation, simply take a handful of magnesium capsules and wait for the fun to begin.

So, if you are giving magnesium, you will need to give it 3 times a day and wait up to a few weeks (sometimes sooner for energy) to see an improvement.

If you are looking at calming nerves down from chronic injury or healing tissues, then we are talking at least 2 weeks, sometimes 4, to see it happen.

That is why, if I have chronic issues coming in for care, I always talk to the patient at the start if I believe they need nutritional input.

I sell it as a 2 week trial, it is a test, not forever (necessarily).

Most of our pouches are a 30-day supply, so they actually get 4 weeks, but if you have got it right, then something will happen within 2 weeks, unless they are really hardcore, in which case you might need the full 4 weeks.

This MUST be given alongside high quality neuro-mechanical care, the point is to integrate, not isolate.

You must reduce the dysfunction in the neuro-mechanical system, which is IMO, literally your job.

I will tell them, in 2 (maybe 4 weeks for really tough cases) we will know whether or not these are working. If not, we can change/discontinue.

If we can get a 20% or more change we have a green light to continue, if not we might need to think again.

If that makes you uncomfortable, that is normal, lean into it.

These are not drugs that can squash symptoms/system down 75% in a few days – make sure you verbalise this to the patient, because deep down without saying they really want a silver bullet.

It makes me uncomfortable too, but I am used to it and I now have enough tools and knowledge to do something else and see if that works.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable, it is how we learn and get better.

You know what a great response to care looks and feels like.

The ones that fail to respond as anticipated, they should burn your soul and haunt you in your dreams.

The question on your lips as you reassess their function and symptoms, both of which have returned to their pre-treatment state, should be WHY?

What has gone wrong within the patients’ TRIAD of health, that has allowed symptoms to develop and persist.

They are the ones that make you grow, IF you accept what you are doing is not working as planned, and you try to work out another route to clinical success.

That is what we teach in the Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition (CCCN), next week we will give you the opportunity to join the tribe and take your practice to another level.