This is a special 20 minute webinar on how our genetics create a tendancy to certain issues, but how we can help overcome those with a healthy lifestyle.

Patients are often all too easily lead to believe because their family has a history of condition/disease XYZ, they can’t avoid it, it’s inevitable.

I am living proof with the right diet, supplements & lifestyle, you can overcome your genetic tendencies.

We keep it super simple, with concepts to use on a daily basis.

The book I mention in relation to alcohol is “easy way to control alcohol” by Allen Carr:

Action to take today: 

Screen the family history on every patient (via your initial intake form & verbally) carefully for diagnosed diseases and symptoms suggestive or missed or mis-diagnoses.

Use a healthy diet and supplements to combat the genetic tendencies patients present with and educate them that their genes are not their destiny.

As always, don’t waste those valuable adjustments.

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