Apologies for the tardy arrival this week’s insights.

Thanks to the dedicated use of Calpol amongst my children classmates parents to keep their kids at school even when they have a temperature & are clearly infective, I spent Friday fighting off a round of viruses & bacteria.

Fear not my immune system knows exactly what to do, it’s had millions of years to get the idea.

Turn the temperature up a bit, turn the general energy system down a bit.

Thus I had all the energy of a sloth in a K hole on Friday (that’s K for Ketamine if you haven’t heard.


I’m all better now, I have a war chest of nutrition for just such occasions.

I have found the real key is to clobber it as soon as you as feel something coming on so it doesn’t get established.

Once you have it, how can you tell if the stuff you took shortened it?

My 3 tops supplements for winter virus and bacteria are:

Zinc acetate lozenges – they take 30 mins to dissolve in your mouth. The zinc ions diffuses into the nose and throat and stops viruses replicating (we think).

Regardless there is good solid research to back them up, but you need the acetate form ideally, gluconate is OK but not as good.

Check the meta-analysis (if you like that sort of thing, maybe just read the abstract?)


Take one every 2 hours (max 8 a day) for max 3 days in a row.

I have stopped quite a few but not all in their tracks.

It also usually shortens them in the research (hard to tell in yourself isn’t it)

These are so good I keep them in my bag at the clinic to take if I feel something coming on.

You can get them here


Vitamin D:

I take 5000iu (125 mcg) daily with K2 in winter anyway for health and prevention in general.

But if I feel something coming on I’ll take a 100,00 iu bolus once maybe twice to boost my antimicrobial peptides.

There is tons of research on vitamin D and immunity, you can google the s**t out of it if you like.

Vitamin D is a fat so stays in the body, unlike water soluble vitamins that are in and out fast.

To allow the levels to rebalance again I stop my normal daily dose for 3 ish weeks to allow it to settle.

Vitamin A:

In the active form of retinol, it’s a powerful immune nutrient, especially for secretory IgA the inital contact point for incoming bugs.

I will take up to 100,000 iu 1-3 days in a bid to stop the infections getting established.

This is a high dose and you shouldn’t ever do more than that or longer than that.



Beta-carotene the plant form is not recommended as you have to convert it to the active form and defects in the beta carotene oxidase (BCO) gene are common and lead to potentially 60% less conversion.

Bonus points if you guess which poor soul owns these genes ;o)

Note to vegans, if you have the gene, this may be why after a few years of initially feeling great (because you removed dairy and you were sensitive to it & ate more fibre, so you grew your good bacteria more), you slowly start having poor immunity, poor skin and hormone issues.

In truth, I have a stack other bits and bobs (glutathione, garlic, monolaurin, L-glutamine, vitamin C and on and on) I take but this isn’t a thesis and the rugby is on in a minute.

I also rinse my sinsues/nasal with squip nasaline sinus irrigator. Salt

in water plus with 1 teaspoon of added xlylitol.

My son refers to this as “Daddies snot machine”.


Charming isn’t it

Action to take today: 

Buy some zinc acetate, vitamin D, vitamin A and a squipnasaline rinser and never miss of day of work again…..or maybe just a few less, let’s be realistic.

As always don’t waste those valuable adjustments,

Speak soon