If there is one thing me and our cat, Caesar, have in common, it is we are both huge fans of offal. 

Here he is post raw liver.

If I am cutting up some liver or kidney, he will know about it and will be all over me, pawing up the cupboards, meowing. 

Here he is not wanting to be left out by jumping into the car as we try to leave, he is also about to (correctly) point out to Natalie, she is indicating to turn late, about to hit the curb and generally a menace on the road. 

He may not have thumbs, but his understanding of the highway code is second to none. 

Here he is simply keeping it sexy, posing like a reader’s wife (we are considering setting him up with an onlyfans page #blackandwhitebeast). 

Let’s be clear, he knows this is the good stuff (the liver & the sexy posing). 

High-nutrient dense food and lashings of blood to go with it.

When I pop his bowl down, he is 100% a clean plate warrior, everytime. 

It is instinctive from years of evolution, that this is what he needs. 

Tragically, some people believe they can deny reality, but evolution and biology give zero f**ks about your theory. 

Dogs and cats have canines for a reason (so do you). 

Check out this hilarious video with a virtue signalling dog owner trying to convince us her dog is happier and healthy as a vegetarian, only to have reality smack her in the face (it is only 1 minute long and hilarious). 

There are many different diets around the world, and the food eaten is often largely determined by geography.

But if you have read Weston Price’s work or Deep nutrition by Catherine Shanahan, you will know there are four key parts that they all contain.

One of these groups is the Masai people.

Nomadic tribes in Kenya and Tanzania, they herd cattle around, and their diet is mainly milk (often fermented), blood (they bleed the animals), some meat and more recently, some corn/maize.

They are renowned for their tall, slim appearance and the ability to jump really high.

Plus, they have relatively little heart disease. 

This has puzzled “baffled”  scientists for many years. 

But this is because they are looking at diet through the lens of the western world, and research sponsored by the food industry. 

If they simply looked at the four common themes above and considered community and how that affects our health (hellooooooo bio-PSYCHO-COCIAL model……), the mystery disappears. 

They even seem baffled by the fact they have high amounts of omega 3 is their cell membranes……and they are not even taking fish oil supplements !!! 

Turns out that the middle of Africa isn’t the best place for fishing, so they  don’t eat fish, who knew ?!?

What they do have is animals that eat…….grass !!

What a whacky idea. 

So they eat grass and are able to make omega 3 from it, thus the milk they drink and the meat they eat have omega 3 in it.

Mystery solved, you’re welcome.

However, all this good health and “mysterious” absence of dis-ease doesn’t stop the “experts” at the international health organisations telling them they are doing “health” and “diet” all wrong.

Floyd picked this excellent book from the library:

And turns out, despite thousands of years of masai people being healthy and dietary wisdom being passed down, they were doing it all wrong and they needed to eat more vegetables. 

You couldn’t make it up.

Where exactly the NOMADIC masai people are meant to grow this veg isn’t specified.

But I am sure the chest infections from all the smoke inhalation are a NET GAIN for the long lived, healthy, Masai people.