Welcome to 2022.


Let us keep faith that common sense, logic and integrity will prevail over this year in terms of C19.

Is Omicron a gift from Mother nature/God/Allah/Ganesh/the universe?

It may well be.

Whether or not this will change policy in some parts of the world remains to be seen. It does sometimes feel like the media narrative and government policies are starting to be at odds with the data in a way that is painfully obvious.

Reality cannot be ignored, not by the government and not by us.

Theory is one thing, reality is another.

Sometimes they match, sometimes they do not.

Sometimes you will be taught a beautiful theory about health, which is flattened by reality.

Something like you can get all your active vitamin A (retinol) on a vegetarian/vegan diet by eating plenty of beta-carotene which is the precursor to retinol. (Plants have no active vitamin A in the retinol form, only animals do as they have converted it for their own use).

This is theoretically correct and, for some people, it can work.

But the enzyme that converts it, beta-carotene mono-oxidase (BCOM1), has a common defect (or a single nucleotide polymorphism or SNP for short).

If you hold two copies (homozygous), then the conversion can run at 57% less than expected.

So, the theory is great, but then genetics + diet create reality, which destroys your theory.

Let’s see this in action.

You hear that red meat is bad for you and the planet, so cut it right down or even go vegetarian/vegan.

All good for a while, then slowly, things start to go wrong.

You seem to get a lot of colds, your skin starts to get little bumps on (esp on the back of your arms), maybe your menstrual cycle starts to go crazy.

You didn’t know it, but you have a full house of BCOM1 SNP’s.

And if we tested you, it would show low vitamin a (retinol) and backed up, high beta-carotene.

If you read any books on ancestral living and the work of Weston Price you will know all hunter-gatherer tribes that have access to animals eat them.

They prize organs the most and fats.

Organs like the liver, are jam packed with retinol, along with B vitamins, copper, iron and choline.

They have learned over hundreds of years the knowledge derived from reality being passed down between generations.

This knowledge allowed them to survive and thrive.

You can see it in wild animals too. When a lion takes down a zebra, it goes for the organs first, not the muscle meat.



Understand this:

Evolution and your biochemical pathways/genes do not give a flying f**k about your theory.

So let’s make 2022 a year of living in reality (and results), not theory.


– Eat some liver (or at least grab some retinol supplements) ready to fight off omicron.

– Check out the excellent Michael McEvoy on the BCOM gene


– Read Sacred Cow by Rob Wolf.

If the whole world went vegan and we had to grow endless almonds for milk and peas for protein, we would ruin the planet. What we need is better meat, not more crops. The narrative around meat and the environment lacks any nuance.