Way back in October, before we had our limbic systems tickled by the media on variants of a famous virus (currently looking milder, so probably good news overall).

We talked about the beautiful synergy that is magnesium and vitamin B6.

This is why we have not one but two magnesium products.

If you are giving magnesium on its own without the one a day multi essentials, then you MUST give the magnesium Plus version, which has B6 in the active form P5P added in a 10:1 ratio.


Remember B6 gets magnesium into the cell, which is where we want it – our bone cells, muscle cells, brain cells, and so on.

The blood is simply the transport system to get it to the cells.

Remember 99% of magnesium is in the cells, only 1 % is in the serum (the fluid that carries the red blood cells – RBC’s)


Therefore, we cannot rely on serum magnesium to rule out deficiency.

Especially as the body will buffer low serum levels by mobilising magnesium from the bones.

If you are giving them the one a day multi essentials, this has a significant dose of 35 mg of B6, so you can provide them with the magnesium citrate product alongside.



But you then also have an option for patients with chronic pain issues and mood and behaviour issues (aka depression and anxiety) to give both the one a day multi and the magnesium plus to boost the B6 levels up to a combined total (if taking three magnesium plus caps daily) of 80 mg.

Here is the challenge, many of you will have dabbled in the past with supplements.

Maybe telling the patient to buy something online (possibly the wild west of unregulated amazon where any old s**t gets sold) or at holland & baratt etc.

But until you start using quality supplements with physiologically meaningful doses, plus a clean label without weird stuff like titanium dioxide or talc (I wouldn’t put it on my skin, let alone swallow it), you will not get results.

And we are all about results, not theory.

Once you have seen someone go from extreme fatigue with depression and anxiety to someone coping at life, with some resilience, and vitality and energy, you cannot forget it.

It is red pill time.


Let me show you through the evidence what can be achieved with magnesium and B6, and I am actually “following the science” not like the clowns in the Houses of Parliament.


They do not deserve to have such a delicious and truly British sauce named after them.


If the powers that be decided that we will lockdown again, I am pretty much sure we will collapse society through mental health issues.

People (especially children/young adults) were falling apart before C19, now the numbers are consequences are terrifying.

But we cannot change that (at least not directly, though I would urge you all to email your MP), but we can make people more resilient.


268 people with “stress disorders” aka depression and anxiety, confirmed on the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS) 42, plus magnesium tested.

Half got 300mg magnesium on its own, the other half got 300 mg magnesium plus 30mg B6 (note that is a 10:1 ratio). They were assessed at 4 and 8 weeks after baseline.


The results showed a 42 % overall drop in depression/anxiety in the magnesium only group and 44% in the Magnesium/B6 group.


You can the changes in the subsets of patients here mild-moderate.


But it gets even more interesting when you also look at the severe and extremely severe groups. Both groups still did well, but the magnesium/B6 group really started to pull away in terms of results.


This is especially true when their magnesium levels are deficient.


No surprise that the worse your symptoms are and the lower your magnesium is, the better the response.

They also confirm the 10:1 ratio is ideal.


As they say in conclusion:


We cannot change the stress but we can make huge changes in resilience with simple interventions like quality supplements formulated from a deep understanding of the scientific literature and brain biochemistry.


– Have a good think about the % changes in those results, 44% improvement in depression/anxiety with a single supplement – wow. If that was a drug, they would be putting it in the water.

– Support your patients with magnesium and B6 in a 10:1 ratio with Magnesium Plus and a one a day multi essential.



– find your MP and email them your thoughts on the current restrictions