Well, it is finally my turn to see what the C19 virus is all about, I tested positive on Monday lunchtime, in bed by 2pm up next day at 9am.

Feeling very much better, but my brain is definitely still delicate and inflamed and so today, this will be a suggested best of from articles in 2019 when some of your were not subscribers, enjoy.


 Why folic acid can kill you


That is why we don’t use folic acid in our IN Health Supplements range. We only use the active form 5-MTHF in our one-a-day-multi essentials.


Why your Ego is the enemy


You are not as good as your patients think you are, do not believe your own hype, stay humble, only amateurs are defensive.


Why butter is good for you and your gut



I’ll be back next week and tell you all about my experience with C19