There’s an old saying that there are only 2 things guaranteed in life: Death and taxes.

In the chiropractic world, I like to say that the only 2 guarantees are:

  • We all achieve amazing life-changing results for our patients through neuromechanical intervention.
  • We all have patients that do not respond as anticipated to our intervention.

And while we can proudly celebrate the first one, it’s the second one that really eats away at us.

Sometimes the outcomes we provide are not sustained between visits.

Sometimes the symptoms keep getting more acute.

And sadly, occasionally, some patients simply don’t respond to treatment at all.

Whichever it is, it really p***es us off when it happens, right?

If that’s how you feel too, then please refer to the 2 chiropractic guarantees above because it’s not just you.

We all have cases like these.

You, me, the guru on stage, DD & BJ Palmer, Andrew Still, everyone.

So the natural question that comes to mind is why?

Why do some patients respond beautifully while others don’t?

The answers can almost always be found in the state of their metabolic system.

Here are some examples:

  • Subclinical deficiency of magnesium makes your nervous system HYPER-sensitive, highlighting existing latent neuro-mechanical dysfunction and tissue damage.
  • Metformin (for diabetes) blocks absorption of B12.
  • The average GP does not recognise vitamin B12 levels in a grey zone before overt deficiency, which can cause chronic pain, fatigue and depression/anxiety (and eventually dementia).
  • Undiagnosed vitamin D deficiency leads to chronic inflammation and thus persistent pain, depression and chronic fatigue.
  • We are all running a 6-8 gram deficit daily in the amino acid glycine, which is 33% of all your collagen (and a collagen supplement doesn’t have enough glycine to fix this) – without adequate collagen your patients will struggle to get a quality healing on damaged connective tissue.
  • Statins block your ability to make Co-Q-10 and vitamin D with devastating effects on muscle and nerves.

Do you think that fixing some of those issues might assist with your neuromechanical interventions?

So where do you go to learn all that kind of stuff?

Well, there are loads of nutrition courses available… if you want to be a nutritionist.

But context is everything, so you don’t want to be a nutritionist, you want to be a master of the neuromechanical system, delivering results not selling theory.

This is where the Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition (CCCN) course comes in

We are now on version 3 as I have spent the last few months refining it to make it even better and I have pared it down to make it a lean, mean, nutritional, educational machine.

4 Modules covering the core concepts of nutrition you will need in a neuromechanical practice, as well as all the key nutrients and drugs that can affect your patients.

Full Video Content with each video now averaging 5 minutes in length, making them perfect for you to dip in and out of when you’re at clinic.

Protocols on how to successfully treat some of the most common ailments we face, such as migraines, persistent pain, insomnia, bone health/osteoporosis and collagen healing.

Lifetime Access including all future updates

In short, CCCN is a simple, phased system with a clear hierarchy of clinical metabolic interventions to support your neuro-mechanical interventions. 

I have been able to make it so much more concise and actionable in comparison with previous versions, because I realised that I use the same 20% of the material with 80% of my clients.

The content in the course is a game changer.

That isn’t my opinion. Here is what current members are saying:

Matt Bourne DO
Osteopath, Worthing

“This course is an absolute game changer, Simon makes complex biochemical processes easy to ‘digest’ and immediately applicable to everyday practice, if you truly want to serve your patients you need to do this course… it’s that simple.”

“Nutrition can be complex and can easily lead you down a rabbit hole, Simon provides a bulletproof framework giving you confidence at every turn knowing that your interventions are specific, necessary and very very effective.”

Carl Irwin DC
Chiropractor, Spine Lab, Edgeware

“If want to take your practice to a new level and stand out from your competitors this course is a must. Simon Billings has seriously raised the bar in how he presents his course on Functional Nutrition, I highly recommend this.”

Here are more of the benefits of being a member of CCCN:

  • As a member of CCCN you get 10% off all IN Health supplements for life. This alone could pay for the course over time.
  • Exclusive Facebook group to interact with other members.
  • To avoid overwhelm, we are doing a timed release of the material. So for example, in the first 2 weeks you will only have access to module 1, and then over time the other 3 modules and protocols will unlock over 3 months.
  • Fancy listening on the way to clinic, not watching? We got you covered with streamable MP3 versions of all presentations.
  • Bored of printing off A4 pages of little slides with tiny text you cannot read? Me too. That is why I have created proper course notes that allow you to easily follow along the key part with text and key diagrams, but with space to complete so you can engage with the material. They look like this:


  • Cheat sheets – Free clinical infographic downloads to educate your patients on topics like gluten sensitivity, insomnia, migraine and more.
  • Get the ACN New Patient Health Questionnaire branded with your own logo – let the intake form do all the work and tell you what the issues are.


Ross Fripp DC
Chiropractor, Portsmouth

“This is definitely the best CPD I’ve ever done. It has transformed how I view many pain patients and I’m getting even better results than ever!”

Sarah Worthington DC

“The course has exceeded expectations. The content is extensive, with useful research and evidence and all clinically relevant to chiropractic practice. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. I wish I had done this course 10 years ago”

Claire Seeds DC

“The CCCN course is a brilliant asset for any clinician that wants to delve into how best they can help their clients get great results from their care. The course is delivered in a way that offers practical easy to follow protocols for certain conditions, but also delves into the why’s behind the protocols and the option to dive deeper into the research. If you are interested in nutrition and helping your clients get the best from their care then this course is definitely for you. The breadth and depth of knowledge supplied in this course is second to none, all easily laid out and condensed into one place. With the added extra of joining a FB community with support from many clinicians and the Inhealth Supplement range nutrition couldn’t be easier.”

There are currently two course options available:

Option 1: Self-Study

This is the DIY version where you work through the modules at your pace, along with gaining access to the exclusive CCCN Facebook group where you can interact with both me and other members and ask any questions.

This is ideal for people with good discipline who have confidence they have the focus and staying power to stick to the path of learning consistently and not get distracted.

Option 2: Accelerator

In addition to everything that’s in Self-Study, you also get twice monthly webinars with me on zoom (usually during Wednesday 1.15-2) over 4 months.

These zoom calls are not just me doing live versions of the course videos. I will be going over the key concepts on set topics, plus case studies, and answering your questions live so as to really refine your knowledge.

These zoom calls and additional supporting material is one benefit of the Accelerator version.

The other is accountability.

We could all go to the gym and use a program to work out, and yet people typically don’t unless they pay someone to hold them to account.

That is what I will be doing with you. Holding you accountable.

I want to help you become a clinician with world-class knowledge, one who is able to make a bigger, more enduring impact on your patients.

In my experience, better patient results are the best form of marketing you can have. The ripple effect of happy, satisfied clients telling people about how you helped them (when others couldn’t) cannot be overstated.

This has helped me develop a constant stream of referrals and CCCN can do the same for you.