Simon’s course has helped me understand how nutritional deficiencies and intolerances affect the working of the neuromuscular system and the effect on chronic pain. I am now able to spot the tell-tale signs of smouldering inflammation in patients which is standing in the way of pain-free living: I feel more confident on advising patients on supplements and appropriate dietary tweaks to optimise their systems. Simon has encyclopaedic knowledge on functional medicine but breaks everything down into easily digestible chunks by simplifying the science and presenting the essential information only. Couldn’t recommend his course highly enough!
Caroline Mudd
This course has made me a better clinician; much more than a manual therapist. It works synergistically with adjusting and rehab. As a result I have better tools to help my patients and they are the ones who have ultimately benefitted. I have an improved understanding of metabolic healing, what symptoms are likely to mean and the impact of common medications. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone, but this is a game changer. If you are willing to put the work in and have the desire to learn I can’t recommend CCCN enough.
Ray Chan
This is definitely the best CPD I’ve ever done. Has transformed how I view many pain patients and I’m getting even more better results than ever!
Ross Fripp DC, Active Health Chiropractic, Cosham  
Simon has put together an amazing course to help those difficult cases that just don’t respond as well to mechanical care as you’d like. Often the missing link is the nutrition, either a deficiency or toxicity driving an inflammatory response from their diet. He’s knowledge around nutrition and functional medicine is brilliant and he’s a master at breaking down those complex subjects into easy to understand and clinically relevant nuggets. Has definitely helped my outcomes with those difficult patients and increased my referrals.
Chris Gubbings DC, Ponyclun Chiropractic, Wales 
This course is an absolute game changer, Simon makes complex biochemical processes easy to ‘digest’ and immediately applicable to everyday practice, if you truly want to serve your patients you need to do this’s that simple. Nutrition can be complex and can easily lead you down a rabbit hole, Simon provides a bulletproof framework giving you confidence at every turn knowing that your interventions are specific, necessary and very very effective.
Matt Bourne DO Worthing, Sussex
The Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition course that Simon has created has to be one of the best investments that I have made for myself. Not only in regards to how I have been able to apply the knowledge I have learnt as a Chiropractor to my patients but also as to how I have been able to help myself and my family. From a Professional perspective I can now see that those people in the past whom I would have struggled with to find a bio- mechanical cause for their problems I am now able to identify their nutritional issues at the first visit so increasing my scope of practice! I would recommend it to everyone who is seriously interested in improving their own health and those of their patients!
Aidan Robinson. ITRM Clinic.
The course has exceeded expectations. The content is extensive, with useful research and evidence and all clinically relevant to chiropractic practice. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. I wish I had done this course 10 years ago.
Sarah Worthington DC
The CCCN course is a brilliant asset for any clinician that wants to delve into how best they can help their clients get great results from their care. The course is delivered in a way that offers practical easy to follow protocols for certain conditions, but also delves into the why’s behind the protocols and the option to dive deeper into the research. If you are interested in nutrition and helping your clients get the best from their care then this course is definitely for you. The breadth and depth of knowledge supplied in this course is second to none, all easily laid out and condensed into one place. With the added extra of joining a FB community with support from many clinicians and the Inhealth Supplement range nutrition couldn’t be easier.
Claire Seeds
If want to take your practice to a new level and stand out from your competitors this course is a must. Simon Billings has seriously raised the bar in how he presents his course on Functional Nutrition, I highly recommend this.
Carl Irwin DC, Spine Lab, Edgeware
Even after 30 minutes of studying the core concepts of chiropractic nutrition course I had some usable information to completely change patient’s lives and treatment outcomes. Simon’s course is compiled in easy to digest chunks that are engaging and fascinating, but most importantly relevant to chiropractic healthcare. As far as I’m concerned, this course is a must if you have any desire to understand the mechanisms of good health.
Daniel Piper DC, Scofield Chiropractic, Suffolk.
I thoroughly recommend the Academy of Chiropractic Nutrition programme.  Simon has taken some very complex material and made it easily understandable and more important clinically applicable.  The course covers some of the most common complaints people might consult their chiropractor for.  You will gain the confidence to know what you can address solely with chiropractic and when you might consider how the nutritional deficiencies and excesses might be driving that patients ill-health.  An understanding of functional nutrition is an essential tool for all chiropractors today.
Claire Cullen DC
I have been a Chiropractor for just over 20 years.  I have always had a keen interest in nutrition.  This is by far the best course for Chiropractors wanting to do more for their patients.  I will never minimize the power of the adjustment but we all know the body cannot heal optimally if it doesn’t have the right ‘ingredients’.  It is so easy to implement, and your patients love that you want to do more for them.  I will geek out on this course forever.  Do whichever course suits your lifestyle best but do choose 1 of them.  Brilliant teacher, brilliant content, brilliant supplements.  
Arleen Schloten