Well, after so much waiting, it is finally here, a truly unique supplement you cannot get anywhere else.

Perfect support for patients in long term-pain especially (but not exclusively) directly from nerve source (radiculopathy, neuropathy, carpal tunnel etc), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), migraine, depression & anxiety.

Additional benefits are better blood sugar balance and weight loss in obese patients.

We have a simple 1 minute video for you on the IN health site you can check below on who would benefit from Meta-Boost.

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Then if you want a slightly deeper look at the mechanisms on Carnitine, dig in to this 4 minute video:

Key bits for me are improved mitochondrial function by increasing fat burning.

With better mitochondrial functions comes less free radical production and less oxidative damage.

With less oxidative damaging, you get less inflammation.

And less inflammation and oxidative damage means less pain and stiffness.

Hence, we see changes like this in Fibromyalgia.

Same with nerve-based issues like carpal tunnel syndrome.

With less inflammation and more energy, mood improves, hence we see meta-analyses showing.

And yes, we have 9 studies showing weight loss in obese patients.

Excited yet?

Well, the excitement is only 33% there, as we have alpha lipoic acid and superoxide dismutase (SOD) to go over next, check the 7 minute video below.


If you cannot be bothered to watch, these are the juicy bits:

The oxidative damage from free radicals creates damage that must be repaired.

Overnight, your connective tissues are damaged and micro-scarring is laid down while you are immobile – hence patients with inflammatory conditions like AS, RA, PMR etc are terribly stiff in the morning, but do loosen off after they start moving and tease apart the scarring on the fasica.

Plus oxidative damage, creates peripheral and central hypersensitivity, thus lower your pain threshold.

The primary or apex anti-oxidants are actually ENZYMES.

Thus they are able to neutralise free radicals again and again, in a 1:1,000,000 ratio.

Make no mistake that is powerful knowledge and poorly recognised.

SOD, Catalase and glutathione peroxidase are all added in the form of EXTRAMEL a patented whole food supplement.

While our last ingredient, ALA, is a secondary anti-oxidant that helps to recycle other secondary anti-oxidants, like glutathione and Co-Q-10.

But it is also brilliant at controlling blood sugar balance.

And it helps with everyone’s favourite non-specific diagnosis “idiopathic pain”.

And yes, it helps you make energy too.

Oh and it will help you detox heavy metals too, but I haven’t got time for that.

One more thing, our patented source of SOD EXTRAMEL was tested to see if dampening down the oxidative damage helped people tolerate stress, that is to say make them more resilient, because trying to avoid stress is often a financial luxury we cannot afford.

Well, 10 mg of SOD and we have a 30% reduction in percived stress.

And general anxiety and pain reduction as well.

Dose is ideally x2 AM and x2 at lunchtime, but if you forgot the lunchtime one, better to take x4 in AM.

We are selling the usual case of 8 for £176.67 (212 incl VAT), which equates to a pack price of £26.50 with a RRP of £31.00

If you want to try one for yourself, you can now buy single packs also, albeit you will pay the retail price of £25.83 (£31.00 incl VAT).