There is nothing like it is there?

The warm embrace of someone’s arms, squeezing you tight, a little hit of oxytocin, a drop in cortisol, a dab of serotonin, ahhhhhhhh (Floyd is but a little monkey in this photo from 4 years ago)


And frankly at the moment we could all use it.

One intelligent reader (she is doing a PhD and everything) asked where on the Kuber-Ross grief cycle I was?

So having looked it up…..I think I have been all the way through it, then slid back down it, back through and then off the edge of acceptance. (I have created a modified version for COVID-19 use below, I doubt you’ll be able to spot my modifications but have a go for fun)


I am not sure there is a term for where most of us are right now?

So, for now, the core concepts in Chiropractic course is getting the full monty, I am probably one (maybe 2 weeks) away from being over 50% complete on the revision of it after feedback from the Beta testers. At that point, I will offer it to a few more practitioners at 20% reduction, who are dedicated to getting consistently better & sustainable results from neuromechanical intervention, with full completion within 3 months.

It is going to a game changer for many of you.

100% online – no more travel to the seminar, sitting in a room all day, losing the will to live in the afternoon as the biscuits & caffeine wear off.

No more desperately asking the person next to you “what did they just say”?

No more staying away overnight paying for a hotel, and eating crap food.

Chillax at home, just press a button and melt into my dulcet tones as I distil functional medicine and nutrition into bite-sized chunks of clinical goodness.

I am building a tribe of practitioners that want to achieve superior results and change lives.

No excuses, no wilful ignorance, no burying your head in the sand.

You swallow the red pill and see the truth (it is from the film The Matrix if you didn’t know)


The truth is that we as a nation are the sickest and the most medicated we have ever been.


Truth is, those prescription medications are depleting your patient’s nutrients and their GP doesn’t know it, will you?

Metformin does this to your B12 levels, how many GP’s are checking that?


The truth is maybe the results we are getting as practitioners are not as good as they used to be?

I am all in favour of psycho-social care when appropriate, but if your patient has rampant neuro-inflammation, they will have central hypersensitivity and be in pain when they should not.



They will be depressed and have anxiety.


Those are all symptoms of an ancient immune system cranking up to try and kill a perceived threat, communicating with your brain to change your behaviour, to increase your chance of survival.

We want to treat the root cause whenever possible not symptoms don’t we?

So if you want to evolve as a practitioner, keep your eyes peeled for the offer.

In the meantime, if you are struggling to find someone to hug you with social distancing and the fact your wife/husband/kid/partner are barely talking to you after 5 weeks lockdown, let alone hugging, try a weighted blanket.

I bought one “for the kids”, trust me, they don’t get a look in, I am all over it.

It really does work nicely, an even weight gently distributed across the body, stimulating the parasympathetic, reducing cortisol, raising serotonin, reducing anxiety.

They are widely used in the autistic community, ADHD kids and they are being used for some new mothers to reduce cortisol.

I like to use it under Floyd’s bed so I have a hidey-hole with low stimulation in breaks between writing.



– Read too many pills by James Le Fanu, he is a GP that knows the truth and keep multiple copies in your clinic.

– Buy a weighted blanket (put through your clinic accounts, you’ve earned it), but please don’t try to hide under my sons bed, that is just weird (when you do it),