Earlier this month we celebrated my Mother’s 80th birthday. It was a classic British summer affair, with heavy rain and wind and yet we persisted with a BBQ.

The cake was a dairy free, high fat keto style, because these days Mum is all about high fat, low carb action.

In fact, by following a HFLC diet plus doing a 16:8 intermittent fast daily (you fast for 16 hours and have an 8 hour “feeding window”, usually from lunch till about 8 ish), she has lost around 4 stone.

Not only has she lost 4 stone, she has also lost all the diabetic medication plus two of her three blood pressure meds (and the last remaining one is 50% down and should be gone soon).

Once upon a time, for photos, she would try to suck her cheeks in to look thinner. The other day she said “do you think I have lost too much weight, I don’t want to look gaunt”, how times have changed!

What an absolute legend.

After 25 years as a diabetic with a steady increase in blood pressure, she is now nearly medication free and feeling good!

It only took me about 5 years of nagging to get her to try actually increasing her dietary fat levels. Actually, it wasn’t me in the end it was the website www.lowcarbprogram.com that did it.


I also told her to do 16:8 fasting years ago when I had started it, but it was only once others in her online group from www.lowcarbprogram.com told her how great it was that she did it. That is the power of social proof and peer pressure!

And she is not the only one.

Last summer I started working one to one with a lovely chap with uncontrolled diabetes (uncontrolled despite three diabetes drugs).

But when you are piling in the white bread, baked potatoes, wine and ginger biscuits, it is pretty hard to control the blood sugar levels no matter how many drugs you take, but less than a year after we started…..I got this:


On a personal level, these are life-changing for the patients, massive energy shifts, quality of life through the roof, it is all good (it also brings joy to my little heart to get them).

But beyond that and into C19, the reality is this could save their lives.

According to a group in the states, 63.5% of hospitalisation from C19 are due to 4 metabolic conditions: Obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart failure.



Just think about that for a second, if you removed 63.5% of patients from COVID wards during the peaks, are they overrun now?

If you remove 63.5% of deaths (if you do not need to be hospitalised for C19 then you are very unlikely to die from it) from the total deaths, we are looking at a very different scenario and can lockdowns be justified?

Thankfully, freedom day seems to have been just what we needed….:o)


So far it looks good, lets see what the winter holds for us all, C19, flu and Norovirus…..

And of course, Neil Ferguson has updated his crystal ball and over a period of nine days has incredibly managed to polish it enough to actually change his mind because the real data says something completely different to his previous predictions. Remember these headlines are nine days apart……



– Give your patients the www.lowcarbprogram.com website and suggest they sign up, £14 a month to get your life back.

– Try 16/8 fasting for yourself, it actually makes life easier. There is no breakfast, clean and easy, just make sure when you break your fast that you eat plenty of protein and fat and get a good amount of calories in.