In an ideal world all my patients would be pain free with perfect, pliable, connective tissues.

Their range of motion would be full and uninterrupted.

They would be a frisky bunch of devil-may-carers, full of vim and vigour.

In short… they would be the embodiment of the Chiropractic wellness dream.

But this isn’t an ideal world…

And although a proportion of my patients do reach that elevated status…

The bulk of my clinical work is with the chronically unwell, complex patient.

They present with some form neuro-mechanical symptom that they’ve had for years.

They have seen multiple practitioners with little or short-lived benefit.

Sometimes their lack of response is due to the standard of care they received.

But more often than not it points to something else…

And it’s my job and yours to find out what that is.

You need to discover what underlies the issues they’re experiencing.

Otherwise, it’s like trying to tune an engine to make a car go better when all it needed was some petrol.


Why they are still in pain?

Why haven’t they respond to the previous care?

Because if you don’t do this, you are in danger of becoming the latest addition to their list of “useless doctors”.

Let’s face it, given:

  • The dire state of patient’s diets
  • The dire state of the environmental pollution we live in
  • The vast pharmaceutical load that patients are taking to ameliorate their poor lifestyle

Patients face an uphill battle to maintain anything approaching ongoing wellness.

And that is your opportunity to not only help them…

But to become a doctor they are happy to recommend.
So where do you start?

Well, lack of response to previous care is a clear warning of underlying metabolic issues – so start there.

When you can manage their complex chronic issues, they can start to enjoy life.

Applying appropriate nutrition and functional medicine protocols should bring about some good improvement.

And for these patients that often feels like a miracle.

When they start to experience this they usually want more and become great candidates for long-term care.

Without the lifestyle changes, your treatment wouldn’t have worked…

And they would have become another one of those patients who slink off and you never hear from again.

That’s the point of the ACN’s ‘Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition’ online program.

It’s not nutrition for nutrition’s sake.

The supplements, the lifestyle changes and the dietary changes are all a means to an end.

They allow your Chiropractic care to work.

And isn’t that what you and you patients want?

Action to take today: Explore the Whys behind a patient’s lack of response to Chiropractic Care.

And as always, don’t waste those valuable adjustments…

Speak soon


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