At long last it is here !!

From Monday you can order your Evolved Collagen.

A few weeks back, we took a look at glycine and its effects on the immune system.

And before that talked about HOW collagen works.

Two ways:

Giving the body aminos to build and stimulating the cells to produce.

And we are using glycine to maximise the production of collagen, as it is the rate limiter.

But Glycine is the simplest of all the amino acids, thus it is used to make many, MANY things.

It is the back bone of many molecules.

So simple, in fact, it may even be part of the reason we have life on earth.

Think about that.

It is known as the GADV protein world hypothesis. With G standing for GLYCINE (obvs).

Turns out, maybe glycine and a few other aminos were formed in space, then came to earth on a comet.

WOW – think about it.

Then, in the presence of minerals in the oceans, that maybe acted as a catalyst to form a polymer, that became RNA/DNA and thus spawned life on earth.

Think about it.

Glycine is needed to make purines, which are part of making DNA/RNA.

Glycine is needed to make Haem, as in Haemoglobin.

Glycine is used to make creatine, the molecule that helps you to recycle ADP back into the energy giving molecule ATP. Creatine donates it phosphate molecule.

Glycine also helps make one form of bile salts to help you absorb fats (saturated, un-saturated, and omega’s), plus keep bacteria under control.

It also makes, when combined with cysteine and glutamate, glutathione.

We talked the that before here:

It also detoxes in its own right, GLYCINATION, which is the way we remove salicyclates.

Salicylate sensitivity gives very weird odd symptoms, bit like histamine overload.

But yes, it also is 33% of all your collagen.

Every third amino acid in your collagen is a glycine.

Think about it.

If you are running a deficit of glycine and have to prioritise using glycine for production of some molecules, what will the body do?

Collagen is a long-lived molecule and if we do not have enough building blocks we simply keep OLD stiff, inflexible collagen, prone to injury, rather than remove it and lay down fresh new young flexible collagen.

You have to make DNA, haem and creatine.

These 3 are non-negotiable, without those being made you die.

You cannot hang onto old haem for a bit longer, doesn’t work like that.

So you prioritise the key metabolic molecules and keep the old collagen and then wonder why you keep injuring yourself, heal poorly and look like Iggy pop despite only being 40.

So, yes, we give you collagen, lovely grass-fed bovine to feed your cells the aminos it needs and stimulate the fibroblasts to make more collagen.

BUT, as we will discuss next time, we are running a deficit of GLYCINE, a big one, probably at least 8 grams daily.

Thus, we give you Evolved Collagen, 8 grams of collagen plus 6g grams of glycine.

Remember, collagen is 33% glycine so total glycine is around 8.5 g (2.5 g from collagen = 6g added glycine).

We even added some vitamin C to help you make cross-links between the collagen fibres, which is what gives it strength.