A few weeks ago we discussed the use of binders like charcoal to grab toxins in the gut and stop them getting re-circulated back into the blood from your gut, in an endless re-toxification cycle. 

But if you need to get toxins actively removed from the cell, because your system is overwhelmed, you need a CHELATOR. 

I have been using a lot of Zeolites recently, specifically, clinoptilolite. 

Zeolite is a type of mineral that is made up of silicon, aluminum, and oxygen.

It is formed when volcanic ash and lava come into contact with water, and it is commonly found in the form of small, crystalline structures.

It has a porous, sponge-like structure, which gives it the ability to absorb and filter out a variety of substances.

Zeolites have a cage like structure with a negative charge that attracts and binds positively charged toxins.

Such as:

  • Heavy metals: Mercury from fish and amalgam fillings

Watch this if you think mercury doesn’t get leached from your teeth 👇:

  • Mold toxins (they use them in animal feeds to improve health outcomes)
  • Ammonia

And also, very usefully, HISTAMINE.

The symptoms of histamine overload can be very widespread, vague and non-specific but really debilitating.

I would consider histamine especially in patients with eczema, asthma and anxiety. 

Remember EDS patients are very prone to this, re-read it here 👇:

So we can bind/grab histamine from the cells and bood with ZEOLITE and remove it forever. 

But also remember you make an enzyme called HNMT to break histamine down inside the cells. 

The M is HNMT is METHYLATION, for that you need B12, folate, B6, and TMG. 

Use METHYL B HERO, one a day. 

Remember also histamine is part of inflammation, so histamine overload always involves a sustained low grade inflammatory response. 

Once again, for EDS patients but indeed, for all your patients, removing gluten as a two week trial is recommended. 

Re-read about it here from an old newsletter 👇: