Back in 2006 ish, I spoke the following words at the excellent Mankind project and it changed my life forever.


Responsibility is not very fashionable these days, in fact I would argue being a victim is positively encouraged, because it makes you “courageous” to accept you are helpless.

A few weeks ago we talked about  the evolutionary mis-match from our ancestral roots to our current modern way of life.

When it comes to the food we eat, this is as obvious as it gets.

There is no doubt that ultra-processed foods are bad for your health and increases your risk of all bad things in health.



(not sure why we need more research on processed junk food, can’t we just encourage people to eat more real/whole food?)

There is also no doubt the a diet high in ultra processed junk food, especially high in carbohydrate leads to obesity.


And obesity is linked to increased risks of all bad thing in health.

But the bit most people do not understand is how the two are linked

Obesity drives a sustained low grade inflammatory response that steadily damages the body leading to all bad things in health, cancer being a great example.



But in order to accept the facts, you would need to take responsibility for your own health and that would include your level of adipose tissue.

So personally in 2018 I was delighted (and a bit surprised) Cancer Research UK ran a series of adverts/posters pointing out obesity was the second leading cause of cancer.


I suspect most people were not aware, and surely this would be a good thing, to educate people on why they should consider their lifestyle choices from a health point of view and not simply aesthetics?

Well, if you take responsibility for your health, you would welcome this information, but not everyone did.

Fat acceptance campaigner Sofie Hagen for one, was not a fan.


Well done to Cancer research UK sticking to the truth.


Your healthy is your responsibility.

Sofie disagrees, and she even has a live show in which is explains her obesity is not her fault, but the “system”……..her digestive system presumably?


Last year Cancer research UK were at it again, upsetting people again with facts, the cheek of it!

They ran these adverts comparing obesity to smoking.

The mainstream media were quick to report Cancer research UK had been “slammed”.


And when they say “slammed” they mean one or to people on twitter exposed their own mental health issues by being emotionally incontinent.

Poor old Ken from Formby, couldn’t accept that obesity and food/drink were associated.


I suspect the fact he is a microbrewery owner might have some bearing on his views (and his waistline).

One brave keyboard warrior felt this advert could make her jump in front of a train.


Thankfully there was plenty of sound advice on hand



It wasn’t terribly well received…..turns out her stored adipose tissue is nothing to do with her behaviour.


The reality is maintaining a healthy body composition is actually pretty boring.

For most (not everyone), adopting some form of lower carbohydrate diet will work nicely.



There is some research to suggest that low levels of gut microbe akkermansia may be linked to obesity, plenty of animal studies and a few human one too.



But these are the exception rather than the rule.

Ultimately, it comes down to this: Choose your sacrifice.

You can continue eating as you do and sacrifice your health.


You sacrifice those ultra processed foods and reclaim your health.


You get to choose what you sacrifice, but not if you sacrifice (I have stolen that from the brilliant Jordan Peterson – see link below)

I use this line with patients, I remind they HAVE to choose a sacrifice and not choosing is still a choice.


– Where can you do more for your health, what have you been putting off?

– Watch Jordan Peterson’s video, it might just change your life.


– Gents, spend time with other men that have integrity, do the Mankind project, and claim responsibility for your life

– Ladies, do the Woman Within course