As you read this, I should be in the warm (and windy) embrace of the north coast of Devon, Woolacombe specifically.

So I have a few announcements to make……

In October we will be launching three new products, two magnesium and a one a day multivitamin & mineral. There are also another three in the pipeline.

These are once again bespoke for my specifications.

All killer, no fluff.

No binders, or sterates, or titanium dioxide, or talc (seriously its a thing), just the ingredients and a dab of brown rice flour to fill it to capacity.

I have taken the best of what I have used before and made it better.

I have now tested the cellular function of many, many clients with urinary organic acids and I have seen patterns in the disruption to pathways by the same nutrient deficiencies again and again and again.

I now know what is missing even when patients are already taking supplements.

These are supplements specific to your neuro-mechanical practice and they come as a package with the vitamin D/K2 sublingual,

the CORE 4.


Did you know that in order to get magnesium into the cells you need vitamin B6?

Check this out, a group of women with PMS, had RBC magnesium tested (the most sensitive measure of magnesium, serum/plasma cannot rule out deficiency), and then were given 100mg twice daily of B6 but no magnesium at all for 4 weeks.



Note the massive shifts in magnesium within the RBC but no change in the plasma and not a single mg of magnesium given.

That is why we have two magnesium products, one to combine with the multi that has B6 in it (high dose I might add) and one magnesium with B6 built into it, so it can be used on its own.

The multi has 1000 iu of vitamin D to combine with the 4000iu in the sublingual to give a dose of 5000iu.

The 100 mcg of K2 in the MK4 form (remember this is the one in breastmilk of every mammal on the planet, it is that important for growth and bone health, but missing from 99% of K2 supplements) plus 50 mcg MK7 in the sublingual, combine with another 50mcg of MK7 in the multi to create a powerful 200 mcg total, far higher, in better forms that 99% of products on the market.

It is also important to know what is not in the multi.

No magnesium or calcium or potassium – why?

Because one/two a day multivitamins & minerals products have physiologically meaningless, miniscule doses simply to make them look “complete”.


What is the point of 10mg of potassium, 0.5% of the RDA?

Or 25 mg of magnesium?

This is simply marketing fluff, and I am having none of it.

I have taken all that out giving me space for higher doses of the key B vitamins to really give cellular energy for repair and lifestyle changes.

If you need magnesium, or potassium you need it in physiological doses and that means a separate product.

It also does not have iron because taking iron without knowing your iron status can be dangerous.

We will be offering discounts for pre-orders in September.

If you have not already started using the sublingual vitamin D product, winter is coming and you cannot leave you patients without vitamin D.

Nor should you allow them to buy random crap on the internet or supermarkets.

You can sell for a profit or sell at trade and do it for the love, but either way you must ensure optimal vitamin D status and K2 for results from your care and long term health for your patients.


In the Autumn we will open up the course once again and take in another cohort of practitioners who want to take their practice to the next level.

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