How is this for a quote to ponder for healthcare professionals of all disciplines:

Not only is Huxley spot on with the quote, and those mutton chops are on point !! What a dude !!

Last week we talked about how alpha-lipic acid (ALA) was an amazing free radical, recycling glutathione and mopping up free radicals to stop oxidative damage.

But let’s get into the nitty gritty of cellular health and measure this stuff.

Is research and reality going to slay our beautiful hypothesis or can we challenge it and end up with a beautiful truth rather than a dead dogma?

Check this study on women suffering from migraine, literally the textbook condition for dysfunctional mitochondria and oxidative stress overwhelming the nervous system.

They wanted to see if oxidative stress really is playing a role in migraine, could they bring cellular markers down with ALA.

92 women with episodic migraine, tested for inflammation, oxidative stress, glutathione and depression/anxiety.

300 mg of ALA twice daily (ALA is water soluble, so in and out quite quickly, best to do multiple doses, not one.

Does glutathione go up with all the recycling?

Yes, not massively but a bit.

Total anti-oxidant capacity (TAC)

Significantly up.

Total Oxidant status (TOS)

Significantly down, approx 33%.

Oxidative Stress Index (OSI)

Significantly down, by around 50%.

Inflammation measured by CRP.

Down 50%.


Down approx 33%.


Down around 30%.


Down around 25%.

One supplement, but aimed at root causes, many huge effects.

This is the evolution of neuromechanical care, an integration of all the best bits of nutrition/functional medicine into our neuro-mechanical world.

Why would you want to ignore this stuff?

You may be a purist with your theories in clinic, but how about you become a realist?

People are messed up in a way they simply were not even 30 years ago, let alone 100.

I was lecturing at the Lions of Chiropractic event 2 weekends ago, and what a lovely bunch they are.

I told them, and I am telling you, change is happening whether you like it or not, the world of healthcare is changing fast.

Do you really want to be the DC/DO not using the latest information to get results?

You have got to get your foundations right with high quality neuro-mechanical care, that is non-negotiable.

But in a body that is grossly deficient and wildly inflamed and toxic, it simply will not work like it used to.

And you will be a preacher of theories, promising miracles, but delivering short term pain relief (at best).

We are going to start enrollment for the next intake for the Core Concept in Chiropractic Nutrition, for DC/DO’s ready to take their clinical results and professional satisfaction to the next level.

Check out what Paddy Thomas DC said, click the video:

Or Naomi Mellor DC