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Simon Billings MSc DC
Founder of the Academy of Chiropractic Nutrition

Why do some patients see amazing results from Chiropractic care while for others with similar symptoms & dysfunction the changes simply don’t last or make any significant impact?


This was the question I asked myself when I began practising after graduation.


I only discovered the answer after I was diagnosed with 2 auto-immune diseases which sent me on a journey of discovery into the world of functional medicine and nutrition.


I became my own guinea pig and over a decade later I am in remission & healthier than I was at graduation but that’s only half the story.


During the course of my own recovery I developed Chiropractic specific protocols which I began to test with patients who had previously also been non-responsive to Chiropractic care.


The results were both remarkable and gratifying as patients who were previously in persistent pain despite the best efforts of other Chiropractors started to regain their health and their life.


Finding and developing these protocols have made such a difference to my life and the lives of my patients that I feel an obligation to share what I’ve discovered to help more of our patients.


The world of healthcare is changing fast and so I hope you will join me and your Chiropractors to position ourselves as leaders in the field.

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