268 people with “stress disorders” aka depression and anxiety, confirmed on the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS) 42, plus magnesium levels tested.

Half got 300mg magnesium on its own, the other half got 300 mg magnesium plus 30mg B6 (note that is a 10:1 ratio – the exact same ratio we use in Magnesium Plus). They were assessed at 4 and 8 weeks after baseline.


The results showed a 42 % overall drop in depression/anxiety in the magnesium only group and 44% in the Magnesium/B6 group.

You can see the changes in the subsets of patients here mild-moderate.


But it gets even more interesting when you also look at the severe and extremely severe groups. Both groups still did well, but the magnesium/B6 group really started to pull away in terms of results.


This is especially true when their magnesium levels are deficient (obviously, the lower your levels, the better the results can be – these are not drugs. We are giving your body what it needs to run a biological system with normal function, not squashing down a system or symptom)


They also confirm the 10:1 ratio of magnesium to B6 is ideal.


As they say in conclusion:


Remember B6 gets magneisum into the CELL where we want it.

Plus B6 on its own, can calm the nervous system down.

We cannot change the stress, but we can make huge changes in resilience with simple interventions like quality supplements formulated from a deep understanding of the scientific literature and brain biochemistry.

That is why the course is called Core CONCEPTS in Chiropractic/Osteopathic/Physio Nutrition.

We layout a foundation of metabolic understanding as a framework that underpins ill health as it pertains to the neuro-mechanical system, and then every (80% of the time) pivot around that – 80:20 rule innit.



Let’s take it one more step and add in carnitine (we talked about it here)





As good as meds but without the side-effects.

Carnitine is fast becoming one of my favourite clinical nutrients.

For pain, depression, fatigue & nerve pain, it is just the business.

If they are still struggling with anxiety, let’s try one more thing in the mix, inositol, a vague cousin of the B vitamin family.

At higher doses, such as 14g we start to see really cool things happen for panic disorders.



They conclude


Once again, good results, no side-effects.

FYI – Inositol is a MUST for women with Poly cystic ovarian syndrome.


Check the shifts in fasting glucose and insulin, while the placebo gets worse.