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Our aim is to provide Chiropractors with the latest functional medicine knowledge and proven step by step protocols to help resolve chronic conditions in patients. This is done via our online program Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition (click here for preview).

With the growing public awareness of the need for good nutrition and the benefits of an holistic approach to health, it is imperative that Chiropractic professionals have these protocols in their treatment arsenal.


At the heart of the ACN (Academy of Chiropractic Nutrition) approach is an understanding of the importance of the Neuromechanical Metabolic Interface and the role it plays in supporting or hindering good health.
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Greg Frick

"A brilliant presenter with a real talent for writing and explaining complex concepts"

Latest Lessons


Earlier this month we celebrated my Mother’s 80th birthday. It was a classic British summer affair, with heavy rain and wind and yet we persisted with a BBQ. The cake was a dairy free, high fat keto style, because these days Mum is all about high fat, low carb action. In fact, by following a […]


Picture this…..you are at the beach, chilled out, but hot, so you go for a delicious ice cream. As you dive in, it triggers childhood memories of days at the beach, and then it hits you, a vice like clamping down inside your head, it’s a…………hypothermic sphenopalatine cephalgia!! Or as you might call them….. If […]


There is a concept called second order thinking that helps us make better decisions for better longer term outcomes. It is all too easy to think about the immediate good outcomes from taking an action, but what about the unintended consequences, both good and bad? This is a more detailed explanation, have a good read: […]


Before we just go on today’s topic, in order to help your clients keep healthy from optimal (not “adequate”) vitamin D levels, I have attached a patient education sheet on how to get vitamin D from natural sun exposure. It looks like this: It explains in easy pictures and text how to get natural sunlight for […]


This week I am doing a run down on a few products I have been using in the health arena plus a few foodie recommendations to take you through the summer, which is GOING TO BE REALLY HOT – Fact. I put quite a lot of business through the natural dispensary via my online nutritional […]


This week I have prepared a video for you on a recent vitamin D study and a review of a meta-analysis of Ivermectin. I mention a previous video you can check out here on vitamin D treatment of C19 once symptomatic. I also cover some vitamin D basics too, you can see that here. https://lessons.academyofchiropracticnutrition.com/covid-vitamin-d-update-video/ Here is […]

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