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Our aim is to provide Chiropractors with the latest functional medicine knowledge and proven step by step protocols to help resolve chronic conditions in patients. This is done via our online program Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition (click here for preview).

With the growing public awareness of the need for good nutrition and the benefits of an holistic approach to health, it is imperative that Chiropractic professionals have these protocols in their treatment arsenal.


At the heart of the ACN (Academy of Chiropractic Nutrition) approach is an understanding of the importance of the Neuromechanical Metabolic Interface and the role it plays in supporting or hindering good health.
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Greg Frick

"A brilliant presenter with a real talent for writing and explaining complex concepts"

Latest Lessons


As we gently move towards autumn and our shadows start to get longer, I am once again using my Sperti UVB vitamin D lamp and feeling good for it. Last year, I went the whole winter and autumn with no vitamin D supplements except for doses here and there. This year will be no different, […]


Welcome back to school after a six-week break from routine! I am sipping my yerba mate with pineapple while enjoying some fond memories from Devon. We had a great time, bodyboarding, trampolining, climbing rocks, plus we found a gluten-free cafe specialising in cake and doughnuts. It has been quite a roller coaster, and that is […]

As you read this, I should be in the warm (and windy) embrace of the north coast of Devon, Woolacombe specifically. So I have a few announcements to make…… In October we will be launching three new products, two magnesium and a one a day multivitamin & mineral. There are also another three in the […]


Last week we went further into blood chemistry analysis, and this week, we are talking sugar. Just a few days ago, I was tucking into gluten and dairy-free salted caramel cake, celebrating my 44th birthday. It was just heavenly. It is mainly cashews, coconut and chocolate, which are all plants, so it is pretty much […]


Last week we started talking about functional blood analysis and the need to always get the patient to request GP notes on your behalf. Yes, this can be useful for nutrition and improving results from care, but it can also be life saving (and save you a costly insurance claim and a whole lot of guilt). […]


One of things I frequently hear from patients is “the GP ran some bloods tests and said they are all normal”.  Now the issue here is, we have no idea what they tested for and what the actual levels were. NHS blood tests can give a wealth of information if you know what you are looking […]

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