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Our aim is to provide Chiropractors with the latest functional medicine knowledge and proven step by step protocols to help resolve chronic conditions in patients. This is done via our online program Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition (click here for preview).

With the growing public awareness of the need for good nutrition and the benefits of an holistic approach to health, it is imperative that Chiropractic professionals have these protocols in their treatment arsenal.


At the heart of the ACN (Academy of Chiropractic Nutrition) approach is an understanding of the importance of the Neuromechanical Metabolic Interface and the role it plays in supporting or hindering good health.
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Greg Frick

"A brilliant presenter with a real talent for writing and explaining complex concepts"

Latest Lessons


Fingers crossed you have managed to overcome the massive hypoglycemic slump induced by all the easter eggs the Easter bunny left for you and have enjoyed the pleasure of a 4 day work week. I have loved seeing the new Vitamin D TRIAD product (it has vitamin D and two forms of K2 MK4 & […]


For many years I have used multiple brands of supplements, endlessly reading the labels looking at which nutrients were included, in which form and at what dose. You see, when it comes to supplements the devil really is in the detail. But that detail is only visible if you have read the scientific literature at […]


His name is Tony and talks like what he is…..a London geezer. But his easy manner put people at ease and he has a way with those who work for him. Tony is a manager at a very large kitchen show room and has around 22 people working for him. He is for a check up […]


This week I have prepared a short video for you, we cover: – recently published study on vitamin D and COVID 19 outcomes – links between cardio-metabolic health and COVID 19 deaths – Gut-microbiome and weight gain – Eating a real food diet – Dosing for vitamin D A few links to cool things I talk about: […]


Welcome to all my neuro-mechanically minded colleagues, but before we get in it, a warm welcome to the new members on this list from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA). On Wednesday night, I shared a romantic night in with over 400 members of the BCA whilst we canoodled in front of zoom and I whispered sweet […]


“I just want to adjust”. I hear that quite a lot and (if I’m honest) I’m actually the same when I’m in my Chiropractic environment. If I can SUSTAINABLY improve function with neuro-mechanical intervention and the patient is remodelling/healing, they will tell me they are feeling better, then I am happy to do neuro-mechanical intervention […]

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